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Free Akamai webinar: BOCC – Best Practices

23 November 2016
Matt Azzarto

In partnership with TVBEurope, Akamai is delivering a series of free, insightful and innovative webinars to the broadcast industry over the coming weeks.

The fourth of five webinars is titled ‘Broadcast Operations Control Centre – Best Practices’ and will be available today at 2pm. Watch to learn about Akamai’s award-winning Broadcast Operations Control Centre (BOCC) and how the latest set of broadcast operations tools allow you to monitor and support end-to-end media streaming workflows in real time.

Akamai summarised, “We live in a ‘now’ world where consumers demand instant gratification and perfection. Making real-time decisions to optimize your content and quality of experience, can be the difference between success and failure. How are you handling consumer expectations?”

The demonstration, which follows on from the enlightening webinar ‘Enhancing Video Quality and Performance to Drive Viewer Engagement‘, will be presented by Akamai director of media operations Matt Azzarto.

Azzarto manages the company’s BOCC, which is focused on proactive, real-time monitoring of OTT video content for Akamai’s media customers.

Prior to joining Akamai, he spent ten years at NBC Universal in its broadcast operations and network operations centres as director of on-air systems engineering, supporting NBC network and cable distribution.

During his tenure at NBC, Matt worked on several major initiatives related to content preparation, media management, encoding, transcoding and multiplexing for both linear and non-linear content distribution. He also spent several years managing systems integration and engineering reliable systems to provide the highest quality video and audio via satellite and digital delivery.

To register for BOCC – Best Practices, click here.

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