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France’s LCI chooses MediaPower NewsTouch for 24-hour coverage

25 November 2013
France’s LCI chooses MediaPower NewsTouch for 24-hour coverage

French news cable channel LCI has chosen NewsTouch, the touch-based live presentation appliance developed by MediaPower, to provide 24-hour national and global news coverage.

NewsTouch is an appliance used for the live production of press clippings, web content, and recorded and live media files in the studio. The touchscreen interface is designed for journalists and editors and allows presenters to compose press reviews from PDFs, videos, web pages, social network posts or other elements downloaded from the Internet. Journalists can create comments or markings, zoom in/out and change documents, and actions on the touchscreen instantly show up on TV.

NewsTouch was introduced to LCI’s team by SAV, importer of MediaPower products in France. It offers autonomy for journalists and anchormen to prepare and present new programmes, eliminating the need for operator intervention. NewsTouch was first used in the morning show The Eye of the Web, and is now deployed in several productions at least four hours a day.

“People consume news in different devices and in different formats. It is important that in delivering the news, broadcasters are just as flexible and dynamic,” Marcello Dellepiane, CEO, MediaPower, said. “NewsTouch is one of the many solutions that MediaPower offers to help broadcasters cater to the demands of the market and take the lead in the industry.”

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