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Frame Thrower recreates Blade Runner

6 December 2007

Digital Ordnance’s Frame Thrower network-attached realtime playback system for film and HD content was used by Technicolor in the restoration of the 1980’s cult movie Blade Runner. VP of Technicolor Digital Services Tom Burton said, “The Frame Thrower has become an integral part of our Digital Services workflow,” writes Andy Stout.

“For both visual effects and restoration projects, it has been an invaluable tool for initial previewing of shots for evaluation and pre-process planning, for internal work-in-progress reviews, and for final client screenings. Even when working with 4K data, such as in our recent Blade Runner restoration project, we can load the 4K files and have immediate 2K viewing proxies created on the fly, which is an immense time-saver during production,” said Burton.

Daryll Strauss, Digital Ordnance founder & CEO added, “This is a fantastic and prestigious project for both Digital Ordnance and Frame Thrower to have been part of. We are seeing more clients adopt networked devices with real time playback to streamline and improve their review of HD and Film material in post facilities and on production.”

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