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Fox TV captures baseball with wireless

20 November 2007

Fox Television has made extensive use of a Link HD wireless diversity camera system for its coverage of baseball’s American League Championship Series, and the Boston Red Sox World Series sweep of the Colorado Rockies. The entire series was broadcast using Microwave Radio Communications airborne and ground links, writes Adrian Pennington.

CP Communications provided the Link HD wireless system to Fox for use with Thomson LDK6000 camera heads and OCP400 camera controls panels. Fox TV production crews could inter-cut camera shots seamlessly with no vision or sound delay issues,

“Fox has no control over the games other than putting on the best production we can, and we do a pretty good job of that,” said Jerry Steinberg, Fox Television VP of Production. “It takes a collaboration of the best people, vendors, equipment and a lot of team work to get it done. You have to rely on the best technology when you are broadcasting the World Series. There are no second chances.”

“By utilising the Thomson Operators Control Panel system with the Link data transmitters, we get full paint and control including scene files for the LDK6000,” explained Kurt Heitmann, VP, Marketing, CP Communications. “This provides complete control – not just iris and pedestal; and reds, greens and blues.”

The Link HD Wireless Diversity system was also used for live aerial broadcast of both the ALCS and World Series games, produced by the Florida’s Lightship Group.

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