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FOX Sports Mexico runs on Riedel

18 November 2010
FOX Sports Mexico runs on Riedel

FOX Sports Mexico has recently installed a comprehensive Riedel intercom infrastructure for its studio facility in Mexico City, essentially a multi-node Artist intercom system with VoIP connectivity to remote locations in the USA and Argentina.

The installation features one Artist 64 and two Artist 32 mainframes, which are installed at the facility connecting various studios and the master control room. Networked via a redundant fibre ring, the three Artist mainframes operate as one single non-blocking matrix. The Artist digital matrix intercom platform offers a decentralized and modular system that allows to scale the system from 8×8 to up to 1,024×1,024 non-blocking ports.

Depending on the application, FOX Sports Mexico chose a mix of 34 Riedel 1000, 2000, 5000 series control panels. A Riedel Performer digital partyline intercom completes the installation. Utilizing Riedel’s intercom over IP technology, the installation also provides VoIP links to two branch offices in Mexico as well as to both the FOX-Sports office in Los Angeles and in Argentina. This allows for cost-effective integration of remote locations.

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