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Fox manages workflows with Marquis

9 December 2013
Fox manages workflows with Marquis

Fox International in the UK has installed Project Parking, the software from Marquis Broadcast aimed at assisting editors and facilities to manage their Avid edit storage more effectively. The system is used to National Geographic channel content, as well as promos for all Fox International channels transmitted from London.

“Like most facilities, up to now our short-form promo content has tended to be stored in various formats and locations, including back-up on tape,” said Simon Brett, director of operations for Fox International Channels UK. “This becomes an issue of one of our territories would like to re-use a promo, as the source material and everything needed to edit it for a different geographical audience is not stored in the same place.

“Project Parking will now enable us to back up whole projects, and restore them at the drop of a hat,” he explained.
The Marquis software works by analysing projects and media across all workspaces, giving consistent and easy access. The user can rank projects in the most appropriate way, whether by total file size, number of files associated with a project, where the media is and whether it is offline. It also identifies duplicated or orphan files, so when content is archived to second-tier storage they can be deleted.

Brett made the point that the same workflow support can be used for long-form content. “In the UK we re-version National Geographic content, which may mean re-voicing or adding or taking out material,” he said. “Project Parking will now allow us to archive off complete Avid projects.

“In the future, if another region would like to re-use an edit we have created, we can simply hand over all the elements of the project they need, ready to go straight into Avid. We anticipate improved archiving, more efficient management of orphaned files and better housekeeping will save our team a significant amount of time.”

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