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FotoKem buys Arri Relativity

3 December 2009

Motion picture post house FotoKem has added Arri’s Relativity parallel processing-based software suite to its existing array of Arri DI systems.

FotoKem, which already has in place Arri’s Arrilaser and Arriscan systems, has added the Relativity software bundle for interactive control of image texture caused by film grain and electronic noise, as well as video standards conversion and content re-timing.

Paul Chapman, FotoKem senior VP of technology, explained the post house was implementing “frame conversion and grain reduction tools. We ran the software through a significant period of evaluations, and our team felt the tool was user-friendly and effectively did the job in such a way that it increased productivity.” The deal followed a rigorous testing process during which FotoKem configured the Relativity software for its individual needs.

Relativity is powered by the GPU-based parallel processing engine Pixel Strings for motion estimation and spatial-temporal image filtering. In its most comprehensive version, the entire Relativity software suite spans five applications: Texture Control, Clean, Film Simulation, SpaceTime Converter and Retimer.

Texture Control allows the manipulation of the level of grain and noise, mixing and matching the textures of 16mm, 35mm and digital images, as well as generating synthetic grain with Film Simulation. Clean provides single-pass removal of dust, fibres, and small scratches, while SpaceTime Converter allows time resampling for creative tempo changes, slow motion and speed ramp effects. It also allows the conversion of any TV or motion picture format into another, with crop/zoom, spatial resampling, framerate conversion, de-interlacing and addition or removal of 3:2 pulldown.

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