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FOR-A unveiling multi-format vision mixer

13 February 2012

The new HVS-4000 HANABI multi-format vision mixer is available as 2 M/E, 2.5 M/E, or 3 M/E. Features include support for mixed SD, HD and 3 Gbps inputs, video files and stereoscopic 3D.

It also offers 2.5D and 3D DVE, a built-in 4/10/16-split multiviewer and external device control – making it a useful core device in a video production system. Across the range there is a choice of four control panels, a maximum of 48 inputs and 24 outputs, and an up/down/cross converter, allowing cutting between most asynchronous SD and HD input formats.

BVE 2012 provides another opportunity to see the HVS-350HS 1.5M/E vision mixer. This has become a popular choice for a wide range of applications, including broadcast OB vans, events and studios. It can operate in SD, HD and 3D and can input directly from a PC.

The standard package provides eight inputs and outputs that are expandable to 24 and 12, respectively. Other standard features include two keyer and four DSK channels, four stills stores, dual-channel 16-split multiviewer, two channels of dedicated picture-in-picture, and more than 100 2D and 3D transitions and effects. The latest version includes a clip store, animation playback, CG wipe, and enhanced control of external devices.

In addition, FOR-A will display its FA-9500 multi-purpose signal processor, LTR-120HS LTO-5 video archiving recorder and LTR-100HS video archiving recorder.

Stand: I50

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