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For-A HD virtual studio goes live in Malta

30 November 2011
For-A HD virtual studio goes live in Malta

MCAST, Malta, has installed a For-A VRCam2 sensor-less virtual studio system, with a Hanabi HVS-350HS 1.5M/E vision mixer.

The equipment bought by the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology includes: a VRCam2 graphics processor, to create the background virtual sets, with a built-in MBP-12CK 4:4:4 chroma keyer and its associated graphical user interface. This is linked to the HVS-350HS mixer, complete with its associated clip store, using For-A’s VR-Link to manage camera selection, video timing, tallies, etc, by creating virtual cross-points in the mixer.

The VRCam2 studio can be run by a single operator. Unlike traditional virtual studios, this is a sensor-less system with virtual camera movements created in the virtual processor, with live video from up to four locked-off static HD cameras.

This avoids the need to disturb existing studio arrangements, allows rapid installation and set-up as well as assignability to alternate studios. It offers extensive virtual camera movement within a large 3D environment from a small actual studio. The VRCam2 system at MCAST also supports a traditional moveable camera with real 3D movement on a MoSys e-crane. This is integrated into the VRCam2 using a FOR-A supplied movement sensor calibration interface to relay the camera movement into the processor.

The virtual studio was installed by the local For-A partner and systems integrator, DAB Electronica. “Malta has a very active media industry that is boosted by many international productions choosing to shoot their projects here, so the college is keen to offer the latest facilities for its students. The VRCam2 fits perfectly with that plan. The installation of the virtual studio went very smoothly, and in the stipulated contractual time of 120 days. It’s now in constant use," said DAB Electronica’s Managing Director, Joseph Vella.


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