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FOCAL to hold technical conference

5 November 2012
FOCAL to hold technical conference

FOCAL International is running a one-day technology conference for Production Managers, Directors, Editors, post production facilities, Archive Producers/Researchers and audiovisual libraries to discuss the choices and technical challenges facing suppliers and users of footage in the digital domain. FOCAL’s conference – Digital File-based Archive Production: From Library to Edit – is to be held at BAFTA’s London office on 16 November 2012. “We’ve become aware that, despite the advances in technology and availability to access and deliver footage from archives, life in the digital domain is not necessarily easier for the researchers, production managers, directors and editors,” explained FOCAL International’s Chair Sue Malden. “One of FOCAL’s missions is to facilitate the use of library footage, images, stills and audio in all forms of media production. At this conference, we hope to highlight the main issues and choices facing suppliers and users of footage, identify the new skills, equipment, time and budgets required to keep the production going smoothly and consider if the industry is able to standardise any of these formats, systems and operations.” “There seems to be a gulf in the production skills-base opening up,” said FOCAL General Manager Julie Lewis. “We have heard stories of some production companies underestimating the time, money and equipment required for Archive Researchers and Producers to provide digital preview material for the Directors; of Archive Producers preferring to deal with the Editor as the only person on the production team with the skills to know what codec is required and how to deliver files for both the pre-edit and the online edit; of Data Wrangler or Media Managers being the new ‘essential’ member of the production team. We also have examples where the right conversation between the Archive Producer and Post Production house has saved much heartache, time and money.” Issues will be highlighted and discussed by speakers on different panels. There will also be a presentation of a new system, which could provide a solution enabling Researchers and Directors to assemble and preview all archive footage selected in a cloud-based

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