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Flyaway with Suitcase TV

24 January 2017
Flyaway with Suitcase TV

Suitcase TV will feature Iphrame Flyaway at BVE 2017 next month.

The production system, which Suitcase is calling ‘a major advance in the capabilities of compact, powerful IP-based systems’, combines IP, ASI, and SDI signals in a  portable system to provide real-time, ultra-low latency production on the run.

Iphrame handles video, audio, and graphics on standard IT hardware or VMs, which eliminates the need to acquire and transport the majority of traditional hardware.

Vice president of products Ed Calverley said, “Operators can set up Iphrame very quickly and switch proxy versions of sources via the cloud in real time. This means that on-site staff numbers and associated costs are substantially reduced for each event.”

The Iphrame Flyaway system incorporates Suitcase’s TimeLock functionality, which uses PTP reference clocks to ensure that all sources and processes are accurately timestamped on site.

Accordiing to the company, it can be transported and online in minutes due to set up requiring nothing more than connecting Iphrame Flyaway to a broadcast centre over any standard IP link and plugging in SDI cameras/feeds and audio sources.

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