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Floating Earth records the Queen’s diamond jubilee with Merging

25 June 2012
Floating Earth records the Queen’s diamond jubilee with Merging

Floating Earth, an independent recording, production and post production company based in west London, provided the sound facilities for the Queen’s diamond jubilee concert on 4 June. Merging Technologies’ Pyramix workstation was chosen to deal with key parts of the signal chain. The Pyramix internal mixer – combined with a Smart AV Tango 2 controller -checked lines before going live. With 416 channels to deal with, 96 of which were coming from a second vehicle, this was critical to the success of the final transmission. Pyramix proved indispensible when heavy rain prevented the orchestra from attending the rehearsal. It was used to play back their tracks so the performers could get the true feel of the song and the correct sound balances could be stored. Floating Earth’s co-owner and chief engineer Mike Hatch said: “Our business depends on being able to handle anything without risk of failure. We have been using Pyramix for many years because, where high track counts are concerned, it is simply the most stable DAW platform available.”


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