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Flix Premieres in UK and US

22 June 2016
Flix Premieres in UK and US

On-demand film service Flix Premiere has arrived across the UK and US.

The self-proclaimed ‘online Cineplex’, which offers exclusive film premieres, has landed in France, Spain, Germany, Australia and Canada this year.

Users can buy ‘tickets’ for £3.99 in the UK or $4.99 in the US to watch each film.

The move forms part of a seven-country global launch plan for the next year.

“Launching in the world’s largest movie market, the US, is take two of our global mission to bring the magic of theatrical releases to mobile screens,” said Martin Warner, Flix Premiere founder and CEO.

“Every week US consumers spend 5.6 hours of watching movies, TV shows and videos online, according to Forrester’s Consumer Technographics study. That’s about 292 hours of streaming media consumption per year per person, with a preference for exclusive content.

“Our curation team is scouting film festivals around the world to bring the best movies into the Flix Premiere Online Cinema. These are movies that vow audiences with superb storytelling and complex characters.”

Flix Premiere’s catalogue of films changes every ten to twelve days and all films stay exclusive to the site for twelve months.

It is currently available via web browsers and as an iOS or Android app, with streaming media device and games console support to follow later this year.

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