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Flexible matrix switch from G&D

17 August 2011
Flexible matrix switch from G&D

With 64 dynamic ports, the new DVICenter DP64 matrix switch from KVM broadcast specialists Guntermann & Drunck is described as a completely flexible solution that’s ready to be tailored to individual needs, writes Ian McMurray.

As with all G&D KVM systems, the DP64 can be combined and cascaded, allowing it to fit and expand in the future to any sized installation through an infinite number of versatile modules – meaning, says the company, that it is the ideal choice for any studio that’s looking to grow without having to constantly reinvest in new systems.

The DVICenter DP64 uses integrated Dynamic Port technology to provide complete flexibility in connecting either a computer or a user console to each port. This allows multiple computers and platforms to be controlled by teams of users simultaneously.

Also provided is the ability to choose how many workstations and computers can be deployed within the 64 ports rather than a preset allocation. The number of computer ports as well as the number of user ports can also be assigned in any order. The ports can then be reconfigured at any time later to suit changes within the IT structure, thus providing flexibility for future growth.

Designed for the broadcasting industry, the DP64 supports specialist input devices such as special keyboards, graphic pens and tablets.

With resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz, the DP64 is said to provide crystal clear images within transmission distances of up to 560m using CAT cables and up to 10km with fiber optics.


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