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Flexible & affordable OB trailer

14 September 2013
Flexible & affordable OB trailer

Gearhouse Broadcast has a live production OB trailer on the Hitachi stand that it claims is particularly flexible and affordable. The custom trailer can house eight personnel and was designed to be a less expensive, more versatile OB option that should be easy to up- or down-spec as required.

The trailer has a compact footprint, offers low power consumption, ergonomic design and includes a production gallery, audio workstations and an engineering control area.

Equipment includes: seven Hitachi SK-HD1200 portable production cameras and one SK-HD1500 6G Super Slow-Motion camera; Ross Carbonite vision mixer; Harris Platinum router and glue; Harris test and measurement systems; Studer Vista audio mixer; Harris Inscriber CG; Marshall video monitors; and full talkback.

“This trailer targets a very specific – and currently underserved – part of the OB market, where we have industry-leading expertise, with an affordable and flexible HD vehicle. We’ve made no compromise at all on quality or design, but have still come up with a trailer that offers the full range of OB functionality, is fast to build and ideal for a range of applications,” said Eamonn Dowdall, business development director, Gearhouse Broadcast.

He sees its applications ranging from IPTV and live web streaming productions to red carpet events, festivals or smaller six-to-ten camera live sports broadcasts. “When you’re looking at a big OB truck or supertruck, there’s a significant cost associated – and that’s before you’ve even thought about kitting it out. This is something we’re aiming at a very different segment of the OB market.”

Gearhouse is also providing two Hitachi cameras (SK-HD1500 and SK-HD1200) to the IBC Production Insight area in Hall 11.


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