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Flat screens: panacea or fad?

23 November 2006

The ascendancy of flat panel displays and the subsequent demise of the CRT raises many issues, especially in production and post production. These topics will be debated at the RTS Thames Valley Centre Technical Colloquium 2006, which takes place at the University of Reading on 19 December, writes Andy Stout.

The television system has been designed around standard parameters of gamma and colour reproduction that relate to the CRT: wherever the signal is viewed in the signal chain the result is predictable. But new screens do not have the same characteristics as the CRT and vary between types and manufacturers.

With LCDs increasingly being used for picture quality monitoring and adjustment, the picture quality in other parts of the signal chain is no longer predictable. Does this matter? The Colloquium is the place to find out, where this crucial question will be debated at length by respected speakers.

Speakers include: Andy King, BBC Resources; Richard Salmon, BBC Research; Roy Brooker, Intertek Research and Testing Centre; and Tim Page, Sony UK. Prices for the event, which the organisers promise will be ‘informative and fun’ are:
Delegates _99.00 + VAT
Students _42.50 + VAT Lunch and refreshments are included in the price, as is transport to and from Reading train station.

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