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Flame burns with 20th anniversary edition

7 September 2012
Flame burns with 20th anniversary edition

Flame 20th Anniversary Edition has launched and is on at the Autodesk stand. The new version is part of Autodesk Flame Premium 2013, which combines visual effects, editorial and realtime colour grading. Aimed at streamlining complex tasks and improving speed, the new version offers a new creative workspace, editorial timeline integration and an enhanced GPU pipeline. The editorial timeline is now closely linked to the Flame Desktop, Batch and Action, meaning artists can build timelines from scratch or match an offline cut without leaving the desktop. Flame Premium features a re-engineered GPU/CPU processing pipeline for faster compositing and visual effects development in Batch and Action. New features include native support for the 16-bit, 4K Sony F65 camera format, using colour transforms to bring the RAW format into the ACES (Academy Colour Encoding Specification) colour space. “Flame artists are often called upon to ‘do everything’,” said Marc Petit, senior vice president, Autodesk Media & Entertainment. “With changes to the industry, they required an evolved toolset that would allow them to oversee entire projects; the Flame 20th Anniversary edition is that tool.” Shipping of Flame Premium 2013 20th Anniversary Edition and the 2013 Extension releases of Autodesk Flame and Autodesk Flare software is anticipated within weeks. – Carolyn Giardina7.D25

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