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First Sentry for Europe

8 September 2012
First Sentry for Europe

Hiltron has announced an addition to its range of satellite communication products following the signing of a distribution agreement with US-based Crystal Solutions. Introduced earlier this year and making its first European exhibition appearance on the Hiltron stand, Sentry is described as an easy-to-use software-based spectrum monitor and recording system designed for use in satellite communication. It allows multiple RF sources to be monitored by single spectrum analyser and a single interface. When integrated with a monitoring and control system, Sentry can respond to detected anomalies and automatically route affected signals for further investigation. It can also switch an Earth station path to restore services. A single screen displays 10 thumbnail views providing a comprehensive overview of all monitored services. Users can see at a glance the carrier name, centre frequency, bandwidth and power measurements for each monitored spectrum. Traces refresh as they update. – Ian McMurray4.B89

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