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The first sale of Croatian drama for the British market

3 January 2017
Judita Franković plays TV reporter Lucija Car

Global Series Network, an exclusive partner British public broadcaster, has bought the licence for the Croatian drama May They Rest in Peace for the UK market. This is the first time a Croatian series has been bought by a British broadcaster.

The series is the result of successful cooperation between Croatian broadcaster HRT and independent production company Ring Productions. The 12-part drama, directed by Goran Rukavina, Kristijan Milic and Goran Dukic, centres on Lucija Car, a young TV reporter portrayed by Croatian actress Judita Franković, who uncovers dark secrets of the past with the help of Martin Strugar, played by the Miodrag Krivokapić.

In each episode, Lucija uncovers the fate of an inmate who was buried at an abandoned prison’s cemetery.

May They Rest in Peace became the first Croatian drama series shown in Western Europe when it was bought last year by Belgian public broadcaster Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie (VRT).

“I hope that this sale will be one of many future business success of Croatian radio and TV on the foreign market,” said Walter Iuzzolino, drama editor and one of the creators of the project.

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