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First Mosart installation for Al Jazeera

30 March 2012
First Mosart installation for Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera has opened its first news studio based on automation technology from Mosart. The new centre is in Sarajevo, and Al Jazeera Balkan will broadcast objective news coverage for around six hours a day to the states which were formerly part of Yugoslavia, each in their own language. Mosart was specified by systems integrators Qvest Media which built the facility. Sony cameras, a Snell video mixer, Vizrt graphics and an Avid iNews system are all linked through the Mosart platform. The file-based studio infrastructure has been designed for efficient production, with Mosart’s ease of control and flexibility offering the ability to extend broadcasting hours as the station increases its on-air schedule. “The Mosart system means we can run a very high quality news production with a small gallery team, while still being able to respond instantly to breaking news,” said Miljenko Logozar, CTO for Al Jazeera Balkan. “Setting up for the launch with a completely new studio infrastructure meant our staff had a lot to learn, and the Mosart system has been invaluable in simplifying a major part of the workload.” For Qvest Media, Project Manager Johannes Friedel added: “The ability to provide advanced automated control of all the components used in newsroom operations from a configurable user interface makes Mosart a powerful tool for 21st century broadcasting.”


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