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First French 3D IMAX feature on release

16 May 2011
First French 3D IMAX feature on release

The first French produced IMAX 3D film received its UK premiere over Easter. The US$5 million Sea Rex: Journey to a Prehistoric World took five years to complete and contains live-action sequences shot on Reds mixed with CGI and SFX elements.
 The project was written and directed by Pascal Vuong and Ronan Chapalain, produced by N3D Land and Mantello Brothers Productions and distributed by 3D Entertainment Distribution.

“I believe this film features the greatest number of special effects and CG images ever in an IMAX film if you take into consideration the fact that there is not a single image that was not reworked in terms of special effects, stabilisation or 3D effects,” says Vuong. “Though we produced much of the CG ourselves through our animation studio, we also worked with five different CGI and visual special effects companies. In order to achieve the ultra-photorealistic look, we wanted we chose to combine CG images and live-action shots filmed using a specially-designed 3D rig featuring two Red 4K cameras to shoot the live-action sequences.”
 Post production was handled by N3D LAND Productions and the digital lab was Digimage in Paris with additional CG from Mikros Image, Cube Creative Computer Company, Picto Filmo and Nayade.
 3D Entertainment Distribution recently released an underwater 3D film trilogy on Blu-ray 3D disc. The trilogy, originally made for IMAX, include Ocean Wonderland 3D, Sharks 3D and Dolphins & Whales 3D.

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