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FilmLight presents Windows Baselight for Avid

22 October 2013
FilmLight presents Windows Baselight for Avid

FilmLight has announced that its Windows version of Baselight for Avid is now available. This is part of the Baselight Edition range which delivers key elements of the grading software as a plug-in for existing post tools.

Baselight Editions puts the user interface, along with its colour processing, into a standard AVX plug-in. It provides primary and secondary grades in a single layer, including mattes, automatic object tracking and full keyframe animation. It supports AAF-based round-tripping with full Baselight systems, meaning that no rendering time is needed to export grade metadata back into Media Composer.

“We know that the production and post industry is moving away from the idea of colour grading as a single step in the process towards collaborative workflows, where a number of people contribute to the look of a project,” said Wolfgang Lempp, co-founder of FilmLight. “To meet the trend, we now offer ‘Baselight everywhere’, with the appropriate tools ­ and the same uncompromised colour precision ­ on devices from on-set ingest to the final deliverables.”

Colour information can be exported in the FilmLight BLG file format, for exchange with any other FilmLight system including other Baselight Editions. The software includes FilmLight’s Truelight colour management system, and to complement Baselight Editions, the company also offers the Slate control panel.

David Colantuoni, senior director, product management broadcast, storage and editors, from Avid commented, “FilmLight is the industry leader in colour, so we are delighted to be able to offer its best in class grading alongside our best in class editing. We have been working in partnership with FilmLight for a number of years now, and we have witnessed their passion for accuracy and reliability. The ability to run Baselight within our editing systems is a real productivity benefit for our users.”

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