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File-based technology grows

25 January 2013
File-based technology grows

Systems integrator ATG Broadcast will promote its full range of systems planning, design, installation, commissioning and post-installation support services. Representatives attending the show will include Christoffer Kay, Clive Northen, Dave Whitaker, Alastair MacDonald and Jonathan Baker. "The message we take to BVE centres on the growing popularity of file-based technology from camera lens right through to domestic viewing screen," commented Clive Northen, chief operating officer. "The ATG Broadcast team pioneered the original adoption of file-based content management and is now ideally resourced to build on that long experience right across the production, archiving and transmission chain. File-based shooting allows fast transfer of content from the point of capture to a news studio, post production or playout centre, and much faster ingest than is possible with discrete media. We will also be promoting IP-based point-to-point content distribution technology which forms a basis for highly efficient transfer of content from one location to another, regardless of distance." In addition to its complete range of systems integration services, the exhibit will include selected products from AmberFin, which ATG Broadcast represents as channel partner in the UK and Middle East. These will include the iCR-100-DPP transcoder and iCR-300-DPP media ingest workstation (pictured). Apart from their competitive price tags, these new products offer the same support packages and clear upgrade paths as any other AmberFin iCR product. The iCR-300-DPP media ingest workstation and iCR-100-DPP transcoder are both designed specifically to create high-quality MXF-wrapped AVC-Intra or D10 assets compliant with the AMWA AS-11 specification and Digital Production Partnership guidelines from tape or line sources. Available as a standalone workstations or scalable enterprise solutions, both systems benefit from AmberFin’s Unified Quality Control approach, providing automated and manual QC operation. K31

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