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FFV launches JPEG2000 Alliance

10 September 2009

Fast Forward Video will launch the JPEG2000 Alliance at IBC, a consortium of broadcast industry leaders dedicated to ensuring the ongoing progress of JPEG2000.

As the founding member and driving force behind the JPEG2000 Alliance, FFV will facilitate a kickoff session at IBC2009 on Friday from 11:15 to 12:45 in Room L of the Forum Centre.

“As a company FFV has always differentiated itself on image quality, and the JPEG2000 codec’s wavelet-based, mathematically lossless compression is by far the best and most cost-effective solution for delivering superb video quality. That’s why we have embraced the standard in our own solutions,” said Hal J. Reisiger, president and CEO of FFV.

In addition to FFV, charter members of the JPEG2000 Alliance include 360 Systems, Analogue Devices, Barco, Digital Rapids, Doremi Labs, the Fraunhofer Institute, Front Porch Digital, intoPIX, Media Links, Media Matters, and Miranda Technologies. In addition to developing their own JPEG2000 technologies and products, these companies will collaborate to ensure widespread acceptance, deployment, and support of the compression standard for the benefit of the media and video industries.

Activities will be centred on educating and creating awareness about the benefits of JPEG2000, promoting interoperability between standards and system devices, and promoting the development of tools by members and industry peers. “For instance, our digital video recorders are the first to provide direct importing of JPEG2000 files into popular nonlinear editing systems without time-consuming and quality-compromised transcoding. This is the type of innovation that we are hoping to encourage throughout the industry with the creation of the JPEG2000 Alliance.”

Broadcast engineers, solutions developers, and all other interested parties are encouraged to attend the JPEG2000 Alliance meeting on September 11. The hour-and-a-half meeting will feature a presentation on the topic of ‘Getting Better Broadcast Picture Quality With JPEG2000’ and will include case studies and a Q&A session. “We’d like to encourage attendance by anyone who is interested in learning about what differentiates JPEG2000 for superior broadcast picture quality and why they should consider it for their own applications or solutions,” said Reisiger.

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