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Feature-packed T&M solution from Phabrix

31 August 2011
Feature-packed T&M solution from Phabrix

The new production version of the Rx 2000 rack mount test and measurement (T&M) solution and a range of new rasterisers are being displayed by Phabrix at IBC2011, writes Michael Burns.

The Rx 2000 is a dual-screen 2U platform, capable of accepting up to four modules providing eight simultaneous inputs if required.

The different modules can support analysis, eye and jitter analysis, test pattern generation, Dolby, MADI and ASI options. Paul Nicholls, head of sales and marketing at Phabrix, said this ability of the new platform would provide broadcast engineers with a cost-effective, centralised solution for broadcast T&M.

The new rasterisers on display are packed with features including optical support and full 1920 x 1080 screen output via HDMI or SDI – a world first on this form factor, according to Nicholls. The Rx1000 is a new 1U 4-module bay rasteriser designed to fit the full width of a standard 19-inch rack. The Rx500 1U half rack ‘baby’ rasteriser accepts two modules, perfect for OB and studio use where space is at a premium. Both rasterisers have been designed to accept the same modules supporting the Rx 2000. Significantly, Phabrix’s eye and jitter technology – industry-tried and -tested on its Sx hand held range since 2009 – is available for the Rx1000 and the Rx500, while both support enhanced audio capabilities including AES, Dolby E, D and D+.

Stand: 8.E25

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