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Fast file transfers for fast bikes

13 June 2011
Fast file transfers for fast bikes

MotoGP, the global motorcycle racing format, is covered in spectacular fashion by Spanish company Dorna Sports. Each race is covered by more than 120 HD cameras, around the track, in the pits, on the bikes and from a helicopter. This equipment moves from circuit in Dorna’s own outside broadcast unit in Europe, and as a flyaway for the Asia-Pacific rounds of the competition.In providing a complete package of coverage from each event, Dorna provides comprehensive shooting of the two practice days as well as the races themselves. Highlights, rider features and news stories need to be created, as well as instant replays of key action.To track all the material, Dorna worked with Grass Valley on a system to capture, tag and manage content. This uses K2 Summit production servers, with K2 Dyno controllers for replays including super slo-mo, and K2 Production Assistant workstations for clip preparation.The Production Assistant uses a touchscreen interface, allowing an operator to quickly tag key points of the action, with metadata including the type of incident and the riders involved. In this way, as many as 2000 clips are created each day, and are made available in real time thanks to the network of K2 Summit servers.Longer packages are edited on Final Cut Pro, with 25 seats attached to a 64TB Apple XSan. Content and metadata is automatically transferred between the two networks, with transcoding and transwrapping handled on the fly. By using the metadata, editors can quickly build bins with all the relevant clips, meaning stories can be delivered more quickly.“This has been a rewarding partnership between Dorna and Grass Valley,” said Sergi Sendra Vides of Dorna Sports. “When you are learning from experience it is important that someone listens to you. Grass Valley have proved that they do listen.”

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