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Far-reaching features for Octopus6

11 April 2012
Far-reaching features for Octopus6

OCTOPUS Newsroom is expanding the capabilities of its OCTOPUS6 newsroom computer system (NRCS). The latest version, OCTOPUS6.2, integrates smartphone and tablet support,  OCTOPUS Tablet makes live data available on iPads and Android tablets. Three screens display the rundown, the anchor’s script and available media in the form of graphics and video footage. OCTOPUS Mobile is an offline/online client for iPhone and smartphones on the Android platform. Journalists can browse wires, write a story and add video, pictures and sound. In a further move, Event Calendar has been introduced to prompt newsmakers with upcoming events. The calendar gathers information from the Internet to fit with the station’s news. Additionally, Reports Management Information System (MIS) allows managers to get a picture of how the NRCS is used. N 3418

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