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Facebook ‘exploring options’ for video expansion

4 November 2016
Facebook ‘exploring options’ for video expansion

Facebook is looking into the possibility of expanding its video services ahead of the wider roll out of its dedicated Video Home section.

Speaking on the social media giant’s third quarter earnings call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that while there are no plans in place to launch a separate video service, the option has certainly not been ruled out.

He said, “Video Home is a good experience inside Facebook, but we also have had examples over time, like Messenger for example, where we started it in Facebook and decided that in order to fulfil their potential, it needed to be its own experience over time.”

“We will look at all those options, but for now I really think that Video Home is going to be a great experience, and I’m excited to roll that out.”

The new feature is designed for users who specifically want to watch ‘different kinds’ of videos.

Zuckerberg added, “Video is naturally becoming a larger share of the content in the news feed because both people and pages are sharing more videos as a mix and people want to consume that content.”

“There’s not really a question of whether that should be a separate app. This is what people want news feed to be increasingly, so this is what it will become.”

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