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Eyeheight keeps World Cup in safe area

27 July 2006

Due to popular demand, here’s one more World Cup story to bid the tournament farewell: Gearhouse used 24 Eyeheight SA-1 SDI safe area generators during the tournament after it was contacted to provide key support for a World Cup broadcaster.

“We were called on at very short notice to provide support services for a major television channel covering the event,” commented Eamonn Dowdall, Gearhouse Broadcast MD. “Eyeheight was able to deliver a very compact SA-1 modular system within a week of our order being placed which is very fast turnaround. The SA-1 is also impressively compact. With three modules in each chassis, only 8RU of rack space was required for all 24 processing channels. The SA-1 generators lived fully up to their reputation for reliability and ease of use.”

Eyeheight’s SA-1 safe-area generator enables camera crews and post production staff to ensure that programmes originated in 16:9 widescreen remain fully compatible with 4:3 receivers. It displays safe action and safe caption areas as cursor lines, user-selectable shading or black areas. Selected safe area markers are placed onto the video feed which can then be viewed on a monitor display. The SA-1 generates all commonly used guidelines, including centre markers (short and full screen); moveable horizontal and vertical cursors; optional co-ordinates indication; variable aspect ratio box; and edge blanking lines (analogue and digital). Preset aspect ratios can be switch-selected for all common television and film formats.

Dynamic Cursor Visibility (DCV) is used to keep all guide lines visible for black to white backgrounds. Variable top and bottom film blanking is provided with choice of opacity (line, black or semi-transparent). Other features include a text height measurement system and on-screen out-of-gamut indication to show the colour and luminance legality of the picture.

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