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Eyeheight for blank generator

1 April 2008

Scheduled to make its worldwide exhibition debut at NAB is Eyeheight’s new SA-2U. The unit’s a 4:4:4 dual-linkable graticule/safe-area and blanking generator designed for SD, HD-SDI multi-definition (single-link) and SD, HD-SDI and 2k UltraDef (dual-link) post applications.

The SA-2U generates safe action graticules, and safe title and centre markers (short and full screen) for all common TV and film formats. Additional features include three safe-area cursor generators with full user control of cursor colour, transparency and type as well as specialised functions for text height and aspect ratio measurement. The SA-2U can also be used as a blanking generator. A Microsoft .NET platform application enables custom cursor configuration.

The machine is designed to operate in 10-bit YCbCr, 12-bit YCbCr, 10-bit RGB, 12-bit RGB colour spaces and depths, and supports SMPTE 259M (270Mbitps single-link), SMPTE 292M ( 1.5Gbps single link) and SMPTE 372M (2.97Gbps dual link) data formats. Supported resolutions comprise 720 x 576(PAL), 720 x 480(NTSC) 1280 x 720 (SMPTE 296M), 1920 x 1080 (SMPTE 274M) and 2048 x 1080 (2K) at 25, 30, 30/1.001, 24, 50, 60, 60/1.001 frame/field rates.

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