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Eyeheight chosen for BBC programmes

13 January 2014
Eyeheight chosen for BBC programmes

Eyeheight colour correctors were selected for two BBC productions either side of the 2014 new year transmission schedule. CC-2M systems were used for coverage of the 60th BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards ceremony which was transmitted on 15 December from the First Direct Arena in Leeds. The technology was also used for the fourth annual Stargazing Live series transmitted on BBC Two between 7 and 9 January.

The Eyeheight CC-2M has a dedicated control panel which can be used to operate up to six plug-in modular colour correction cards in a single Rack Unit intelligent-chassis with easy channel switching. Up to eight panels can be networked as an integrated system. The CC-2M also includes a maintenance mode to assist installation.

The BBC Sports Personality of the Year programme included live content from multiple HD cameras, controlled from an outside broadcast vehicle. Stargazing Live is produced from Jodrell Bank Observatory and has featured live links from scientific facilities in Hawaii, South Africa and NASA.

"Outside broadcasts, particularly those shot at night, require very precise attention to colour balance given the need to allow for a wide range of light levels," explained Eyeheight sales director Martin Moore. "The CC-2M is ideal for live operation as it allows independent realtime adjustment of red, green and blue component levels, master gain, lift, gamma and hue. It gives studio and OB production staff the ability to ensure consistent colour balance and brightness when switching between multiple cameras or to offset changes in lighting and camera position. Processed and source video can be compared quickly via a configurable split-screen output."

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