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Extra Brio with embedded Apps

31 January 2013
Extra Brio with embedded Apps

The new Dalet Brio packages include the IT-based Brio server preconfigured with a specific number of inputs and outputs (2:2 or 4:4) along with embedded applications that allow the video servers to be used in standalone for sports and OB vans (ingest, Instant Replay and SloMo, highlight creation, logging, etc.); news (feed ingest, News gathering and contribution); and studios (multicam recording, instant replay). Designed with versatility in mind, the Dalet Brio servers can also be controlled by typical automation systems such as Etere or Harris via VDCP. All Dalet Brio servers support broadcast quality video in a wide range of codecs including DV25, DV50, AV100, AVC-Intra 50-100, P2, DNxHD, Pro Res and others. Dalet Brio servers can play any supported files, including a mix of SD and HD, on the same timeline. Dalet Brio allows for on-the-fly cross-up and down-conversion of the video signal, as well as aspect ratio modifications. Brio also natively includes graphic capabilities for simple branding with bugs/logo insertion, text crawlers or animation. In order to accommodate installations requiring larger numbers of ingest and playout ports, the Dalet Brio is also available in 2:6 or 6:2 and 0:8 or 8:0 combinations.J12

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