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Experience BBC Academy training in HD standards, measurement

2 September 2011
Experience BBC Academy training in HD standards, measurement

IBC visitors have the opportunity to witness short HDSM presentations hosted by the BBC Academy at this year’s IBC.

The BBC Academy sessions will take place at 1600 on Friday 9 September, and at 1100 and 1600 on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11.

The full High Definition Standards and Measurement (HDSM) course examines the difference between formats, timing, installation, surround sound coding and distribution, display systems, as well as up/down conversion. During the programme, lab-based practicals examine key areas to ensure the attendees get the most from the course.

Andy Wilson, head of the BBC Centre of Technology, commented: “This represents a real landmark in HD Engineering training. The key to successful HD output is ensuring that quality is measured and maintained throughout the production and distribution chain.”

The BBC Academy has been pioneering HD training with the HDSM course for the past four years. This August marked the 60th HDSM course completed, bringing the total of BBC and external delegates to over 380. Staff from Arquiva, CNN, DR Byen, Virgin Media, Sony and Siemens among others, have attended the four-day programme.


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