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EVS workflow for festival television

19 August 2013

Tomorrowland, one of the world’s top festivals for electronic dance music, this year featured its own YouTube channel with live streaming of events. EVS servers and asset management were central to the production.

CK Productions ran the production of Tomorrowland TV, creating a total of 15 hours of live content over the four day festival, including coverage from the three main stages. The machine room featured two EVS XT3 servers: one to feed the live streaming to YouTube, and the other to ingest all the incoming streams.

Each of the stages had a dedicated outside broadcast truck, again equipped with EVS servers for production requirements. Coverage of the main stage included a NAC Hypermotion camera, also recording to EVS.

As well as managing all the broadcast content workflows, the IPDirector software suite also provided additional facilities in the press centre, publishing clips which could be used in other publications. For the performers, they had access to an LSM remote control so they could review their sets.

Three XTAccess stations handled the orchestration of the workflow and instant media conforming. Editors using Final Cut Pro had instant access to IPLogger metadata thanks to the IPLink plug-in importer. Completed edits were sent simultaneously to the playout server and to the nearline storage for general access.

“Due to the unique concept of Tomorrowland TV, the need for a fast and flexible set-up is a must,” said a spokesman for CK Productions. “To integrate a digital logging and clipping system through the whole process has not only made our work easier, it has given a boost to the quality of content that we have made.”

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