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EVS to launch third generation XT server

17 March 2011
EVS to launch third generation XT server

The new XT3 production server – to be unveiled at the NAB Show next month – will be available from July in two versions: a 6RU chassis supporting up to eight HD/SD channels (including 6in/2out) or six channels in 3D/1080p mode, or a 4RU chassis supporting up to seven HD/SD channels or four channels in 3D/1080p mode.

Benefits of the new generation of XT servers include more supported audio and video channels, an increase in bit-rates per video channel, new mixes on one channel capabilities, and the ability to record up to two triple-speed SuperMotion feeds per server.

The new launch supports up to 96 audio tracks (16 audio tracks per video channel) and can be configured in an extensive range of natively-supported video codec without requiring hardware changes. For 3D or 1080p operations, the XT3 offers the flexibility to select between dual-link HD SDI or single-link 3G SDI connectivity with a simple software setting.

EVS general product manager Bernard Stas commented: “The XT platform was initially designed to guarantee operators a unique level of control over multiple live feed for live editing and slow-motion actions. While EVS’s genuine speed and reliability has been reinforced, our engineering teams have worked together with the industry players to integrate more capabilities, power and flexibility to the system. The XT3 is gathering all these advantages offering a real path to future productions to broadcasters and production facilities.”

The XT3 provides offers bandwidth of up to 550Mbps per video channel and is ready for 3G SDTI Network integration. All popular control applications – including VDCP, Odetics, Sony BVW75 and Grass Valley XtenDD-35 – are accepted, while EVS also proposes its own LinX TCP/IP API for ‘hassle-free integration’ with third-party applications.

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