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EVS selected for Asian Games

30 November 2006

EVS Broadcast Equipment is to be a supplier of choice for the 15th Asian Games to be held in Qatar from December 1 to 15, 2006. The company will provide a production workflow that enables the host broadcaster DAGBS (Doha Asian Games Broadcast Services – a joint venture between HBS and TWI) to deliver a series of sophisticated applications to international broadcasters.

These applications include the media management of 42 different feeds and multiple broadcasts, both realtime and daily highlights, and finished edit and playouts.

More than 60 EVS XT2 servers will be used for the production and playout of the Games. Fourteen XT2 servers, combined with archiving and gateway devices XStore and XFile, will constitute the central media server dedicated to the acquisition, production and archiving of the different media available for multi production and post production purposes. Fifty one IP Directors will be used to control, log and browse footage in the media server.

Luc Doneux, EVS head of big sport events said: “The Asian Games are remarkable, not only for the fact that the broadcast audience is so vital for their success, but also that the technological infrastructure will be the most advanced of any major sporting event to allow instant access to all the media all the time to all the broadcasters working in a live and near-live environment.

“The Doha Games are a great finale to what has been an amazing year of sport for EVS,” he continued. “Our live and near live production solutions were used by host broadcasters at all the major global sporting events, including the Commonwealth Games, the football World Cup, the Torino Olympics and the Tour de France.”

Every second of every event is logged and archived through 32 EVS IP Director logging stations which attach logs and keywords to the different video content ingested into the block servers. An additional 12 IP Director browsing stations will be operated by editors to retrieve media clips and video content that they need to prepare their edits on EVS systems or third party post production stations. Seven EVS IP Directors will manage the media across the different channels, in order to track what is being recorded, where and to advise what content is available on each server at any given moment.

Nearly all of the edits will be produced with EVS’ non-linear editor, CleanEdit. Footage is browsed and retrieved with the IP Director and then transferred on one of the five XStore nearline storage platform delivered by EVS and made available on the edit stations.

The multiple broadcasters present at the Games include NBC, NHK, CCTV and HKTV and all will benefit from EVS’ live and near live production systems as they’ll receive the different feeds from the events to create their own productions.

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