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EVS partners with Getty Images for Qatar Olympic Committee

11 September 2014
EVS partners with Getty Images for Qatar Olympic Committee

EVS has partnered with Getty Images to create a bespoke digital archive system for the Qatar Olympic Committee’s(QOC) heritage assets. EVS and Getty Images will work together to build the archive management system, which will host videos, tapes, DVDs, photos and documents dating back to 1979.

Getty Images’ web-based asset management service Media Manager will host the QOC’s photo and documental assets. EVS will provide the integrated video archive management system, which enables the ingest of all legacy video tapes with cataloguing and metadata indexing for video content access and delivery.

“Our turnkey media archive management solution combines servers, content management and scalable storage systems designed to offer flawless ingest to deliver workflow operations with the highest level of security and flexibility,” said Benoit Février, SVP Media, EVS. “We are proud to partner with Getty Images, providing our technology to ensure the long-term preservation and usability of the Qatar Olympic Committee video legacy.”

“Creating and managing content is in the DNA of Getty Images, so we are delighted to provide this content solution for Qatar Olympic Committee, and look forward to working with EVS to ensure the preservation and longevity of the QOC’s assets,” said Lee Martin, SVP EMEA, Getty Images.

Getty Images’ Media Manager service is a central library for all digital content that can be accessed by internal and external audiences and tracks ROI and asset use.

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