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EVS introduces newsroom in a box

11 April 2011

NAB News: EVS has extended the concept of plug-and-play, all-in-one playout solutions to news production. Unveiled at NAB2011, the Xedio Flash is a package aimed at small and regional broadcasters, containing ingest, storage, edit and playout functionality, writes Dick Hobbs.

The launch package includes two encoders for incoming feeds, with 18TB of shared storage. Five EVS CleanEdit licenses are in the bundle, together with media management to track the content and metadata. Finally there are two Xedio players for instant A/B playout without rendering. The central hardware sits in 16U of rack space.

While it is sold as a package, there is scope for extension. The open interface allows Avid or Final Cut Pro editors to access the storage, for example. MOS protocol is supported for easy integration with any newsroom computer system.

Xedio Flash will be deliverable from June 2011.

Other EVS announcements at NAB include a new version of its core server product, the XT3, which is claimed to be the first server to offer eight simultaneous channels (six in 3Gbps). An option allows for two super slow motion channels in a single server, matching the capabilities of the Grass Valley K2 Summit.

The company is also tackling the difficult issue of clearing on-board servers at the end of a big outside broadcast production. The XFly is a portable NAS to which content – 140 hours at 100Mbps – can be transferred rapidly, rather than backing up the material to tape. XFly incorporates network functionality, so Avid or Final Cut Pro editors can connect directly for editing in place.

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