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EVS extends ultra-slow motion range

15 June 2012
EVS extends ultra-slow motion range

With the introduction of its new UMotion technology integrated into the XT3 production server, EVS, combined with the I-MOVIX X10 Ultra-Motion system, offers a solution to guarantee live continuous recording of a 300 fps camera feed in full HD (600 fps in 720p), using the LSM remote control panel. Up to 38 hours of ‘always-on’ ultra-slow motion is now available on the EVS XT3 server. Previously, channel numbers on production servers were allowing Ultra Motion cameras to send only limited sequences to them. Now with its Dual Power technology, the new XT3 production server is able to continuously record content from the X10 camera and use it as a conventional HD camera. The XT3 production server allows X10 camera streams that are converted to 10 feeds. They are then recorded in perfect synchronization on the XT3, which can instantly replay recorded content at variable speeds as well as make clips and playlists.

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