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EVS exhibiting C-Cast second screen app

18 January 2012
EVS exhibiting C-Cast second screen app

The Belgian maker of live broadcast and media production systems will also introduce a set of all-round solutions for sports broadcasting and fast turnaround studio productions.

C-Cast is a new cloud casting application designed to give multitaskers instant access to complementary or exclusive content of live and near-live broadcast programmes on connected devices, such as tablets, smartphones and laptops. It is a simple add-on solution to any existing EVS live production infrastructure and offers a fully open architecture based on API, allowing broadcasters and media distributors to build their own web interface. As a result, clips created during a live production can be instantly available on any connected device.

Also at BVE, EVS will unveil Insio ProNotes, a new software application designed to help assistants log footage with keywords and take notes on a PC or tablet during a shoot. The notes are automatically linked to the footage and can be displayed as markers in the timeline of third-party craft editors. All notes and keywords are stored on the Insio database, where they can easily be transferred to post-production. ProNotes also allows producers to subsequently add comments, which increases the accuracy of the notes and saves time when editing.

EVS will also showcase Sports360°. Relying on the best-performing live ingest systems, EVS Sports360° helps broadcasters, producers and rights-holders to maximise content value with: extended multicam recording capabilities and new 3G connectivity; ‘breathtaking’ action replays based on industry-leading Live Slow Motion and unique Ultra Motion live replay systems; rapid package productions performed during live recordings; instant access to live media and archives due to advanced connectivity between remote and studio operations (including remote access to content via extended web browsing); from venue to multiplatform delivery; and complementary and/or exclusive content on web connected devices.

The manufacturer will also highlight its latest fast-turnaround production innovations. With the introduction of the XS studio production server and a choice of dedicated software applications, EVS says that it is giving producers the opportunity to streamline their studio operations and gain the immediacy of a live sports production. Features provided by the XS platform include: multiple read access to camera feeds as they are shot; the ability to cut and build storyboards while a live show is on-air; seamless integration with Avid and Apple Final Cut Pro craft editors; full multicam recording control; and lower operating costs than VTRs.

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