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EVS CEO + co-founder Pierre L’Hoest leaves

30 September 2011
EVS CEO + co-founder Pierre L’Hoest leaves

Pierre L’Hoest, Managing Director and CEO of EVS, has left the company. He founded EVS with Laurent Minguet and Michel Counson, and had been Managing Director since 1994, writes David Fox.

Following his departure, the Board of Directors has modified the composition of the Executive Committee, now composed of Michel Counson, Jacques Galloy and Luc Doneux. Under the leadership of Pierre Rion, President of the Board, the Executive Committee will manage the technical, commercial, operational, corporate and financial functions of EVS, pending the announcement of a new management structure in early 2012.

Over the last three years Belgian-based EVS has grown rapidly, with a doubling of its workforce, and moved beyond its core market in sports broadcasting (particularly slow-motion replays) with a wider range of digital production and content management systems for news, entertainment and sports.

This included new products such as the XT3 and XS platforms, as well as initiatives in new media, archive monetization, MXF file mastering and sport graphic analysis.

This growth and its prospects for the future "required a new system of governance," said a statement, and "the establishment of the new team is a step in this process."

Managing Director, Michel Counson has assumed the function of Chief Technical Officer, Jacques Galloy is taking on the roles of Director and Chief Financial Officer, while Luc Doneux assumes the role of Head of EMEA, APAC & Major Events.

“The entire Board of Directors wishes to thank Pierre L’Hoest for the passion he has brought throughout his engagement with EVS, since its inception," said Rion. "His vision for the products and on-going concern for ergonomic applications have strongly driven the success of EVS."


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