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EVP switches to Grass Valley Kayenne XL

12 July 2011

Swiss facility EVP has ordered a Grass Valley Kayenne XL switcher control panel with a Kayak HD switcher frame for its new mid-sized outside broadcast truck. The 2.5 M/E switcher will be integrated into EVP’s ten-camera truck currently under construction in Italy, which will be ready to go on the road in October, writes David Fox.

“There are plenty of large outside broadcast trucks in Europe, but we saw the need for a compact, fixed-axle HD unit that would be able to get out and about in the cities and villages of Switzerland,” explained Louis-Pierre Roger, General Manager of EVP.

“By making it easy to get to locations, we anticipate receiving a great variety of work, so we needed a very flexible switcher—and we believe that the Grass Valley switchers are simply the most flexible on the market.”

Meeting the space requirements of the new truck, the switcher includes a 48-input frame and 2.5 M/E banks. The XL panel is modular, which will allow EVP to configure and adapt the switcher to different productions, whether sports, music or entertainment.

To allow archive material to be seamlessly integrated in live productions, the switcher incorporates built-in up/down/crossconverters on inputs and outputs, minimizing the amount of outboard equipment required.

“We developed the Kayenne XL switcher control panel, in response to our customers who told us that they wanted more power and flexibility with their Kayak switcher frames, which is exactly what EVP wanted and what they received,” said Scott Murray, Senior Vice President, Live Production Solutions for Grass Valley.

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