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Evertz saves costs for Rogers Media

8 September 2012
Evertz saves costs for Rogers Media

Evertz compression products have enabled Rogers Media to create a customised multisite contribution network, allowing the Canadian communications and media company to expand its compressed networks while saving operational costs.

Rogers Media selected the Evertz 3480ENC quad H.264 encoder to deliver 40 channels of high quality HD video with Dolby-E audio compression across Canada. In addition Rogers is using 40 Evertz 7881DEC-H264HD decoders with Dolby-E decoding and frame synchronisation. Evertz VistaLINK network management system is providing realtime visibility, control and monitoring of the entire system spanning the country.

Frank Bruno, VP of TV Engineering, Rogers Media, said the compression solutions had proven to be extremely reliable and scalable, while offering Rogers the flexibility to customise its system.

“We are proud to offer a contribution solution that gives our customers freedom of choice by enabling customisation of compression, video bitrate and latency,” said Tony Zare, Evertz product manager. – Michael Burns

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