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Evertz plans tilt at EVS with Dreamcatcher slow-mo replay

3 May 2012
Evertz plans tilt at EVS with Dreamcatcher slow-mo replay

At NAB Evertz Director of Product Marketing Mo Goyal told TVBEurope its new Dreamcatcher is “going to change the way replay is done.” Goyal said that with its live slow-motion capabilities, Dreamcatcher’s editing technology will “enable the most reliable and precise slow-mo replays in the industry.” Dreamcatcher will feature a flexible system architecture, scaling for a small sporting event to one of Olympic-sized proportions. It will also boast an intuitive GUI, offering new visualisation tools to manage media. Goyal said at NAB it would be possible with Dreamcatcher to do replays “with fewer operators, better interoperability, better production quality and better workflow. “We’re going in as the underdogs in this space,” he said. “This is not a me-too product. We have taken a fresh look at the challenges out there, and believe there are better ways to create live content.” Dreamcatcher is in beta now – in fact Evertz was looking to add new beta testers at the NAB show – ahead of a Q1 2013 product launch. “We wouldn’t go after it if we didn’t think we could bring something to the table,” said Goyal. “Others have failed because they tried to build a me-too product.”


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