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Evertz expands to multiple platforms with Mediator SC and OvertureRT Live

22 April 2011

Following the acquisition of Pharos earlier this year, Evertz is now claiming a complete solution well beyond strictly infrastructure, core routing, and multi-viewing – with the launch of Mediator SC plus OvertureRT Live at NAB, writes Fergal Ringrose.

Through the combination of Evertz Media Server (EMS), OvertureRT Live (channel playout), and Pharos Mediator (content management and workflow tools), Evertz claims to deliver a workflow optimised for the modern multi-cast facility. Coupled with the Magnum control system and the NMS (VistaLink Pro), the company can now provide a solution for facilities that deliver content to television, video-on-demand, WebTV, IPTV, and mobile devices.

The new Mediator SC provides broadcasters with a cost‐effective solution for multichannel and multiplatform playout. It is an innovative approach to file‐based and live workflows that includes integrated media asset management and traditional channel playout automation for broadcasters looking to deliver beyond traditional television.

Mediator SC uses OvertureRT Live for channel playout with advanced branding. Built on standard IT hardware, Overture RT Live is designed for multichannel playout with integrated master control and channel branding features. Overture RT Live is a channel-in-a-box solution that facilities can use for applications such as regional commercial opt outs, disaster recovery/backup channels, or new, low revenue HD/SD channels.

It also features a multi-port internal video server that supports a wide range of file formats with a standard 1TB (RAID1) for content storage. OvertureRT Live provides a mixture of still graphics, multi-layer advanced graphics and character generation that allow users to create dynamic lower-thirds, weather, and ‘Coming Up Next’ graphics.

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