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Evertz expands ATP with new switch fabric, modules

2 September 2011
Evertz expands ATP with new switch fabric, modules

A new Switch Fabric and fresh access modules are being introduced for ATP (Advanced Optical Transport Platform). The video transport platform from Evertz incorporates transport, compression, conversion and processing into one unified platform for use on SONET/SDH, IP or dark fibre networks, writes Michael Burns.

The Switch Fabric lies between the Signal and Trunk Interface modules and forms the heart of an ATP node. It employs a completely non-blocking architecture to route signals between the user and the network, providing full ADD, DROP and PASS functionality at any node on the network. As a result, users have the ability to support any conceivable unicast, multicast or broadcast signal requirement.

In addition, new control and configuration software features are being introduced for the ATP, designed to provide greater flexibility and cost savings when designing converged networks. With deployments in mission critical applications, Evertz claims that the ATP is quickly becoming the platform of choice for use in high availability, high reliability video, audio and data transport applications, with installs in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America.

Stand: 8.B40

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