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Eutelsat launches HDR UHD channel

9 September 2016
Eutelsat launches HDR UHD channel

Eutelsat has rolled out Hotbird 4k2 HDR, a new UHD channel delivering HDR content.

It is using Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) technology, the new HDR standard developed by the BBC and NHK.

Eutelsat has partnered with 4EVER-2, ATEME and Samsung to demo the technology at IBC2016.

The new channel is broadcasting across Europe from Eutelsat’s flagship Hotbird neighbourhood and will deliver sports, cultural and wildlife content from the 4EVER-2 consortium, dBW Communication, The Explorers Network and RAICom.

It delivers ten bits of colour depth (one billion colours) at 50fps.

“This new channel will benefit players in the broadcasting chain who are seeking to acquire expertise in HDR UHD broadcasts,” said Michael Chabrol, Eutelsat senior vice president of new TV formats.

“Since UHD blazed a trail three years ago, Eutelsat’s strategy has been to support our customers as they embrace the race to the highest image quality.

“HDR is the newest step in this adventure and one that gives new meaning to the industry ambition to deliver a spectacular and immersive viewing experience.”

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