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Eutelsat KabelKiosk chooses Harmonic

5 June 2013
Eutelsat KabelKiosk chooses Harmonic

Eutelsat KabelKiosk has deployed an integrated headend solution from Harmonic to power its extended DVB and IP platform and multiscreen service, distributed to multiple cable and telco operators throughout Germany. KabelKiosk, a provider of ready-to-use TV products and services for network operators, is operated by Eutelsat Germany, a subsidiary of satellite operator Eutelsat. Eutelsat KabelKiosk can prepare 50 HD and 100 SD channels for IPTV and adaptive bitrate streaming to smartphones, PCs, set-top boxes and connected TV devices, maximising the operator’s efficiency and cost savings.

“Eutelsat KabelKiosk is constantly increasing the size of its digital service offering to anticipate the needs of our customers,” said Martina Rutenbeck, managing director of Eutelsat visAvision, which operates KabelKiosk. “Harmonic’s end-to-end headend solution is extremely dense, making it easy to support a wide range of applications, services, and devices, while also ensuring superior video quality.”

Using Harmonic’s ProView 7100 integrated receiver-decoder (IRD), Eutelsat KabelKiosk can receive up to four satellite carriers per rack unit. Harmonic’s ProStream 9100 with ACE high-density stream processor and transcoder increases the company’s operational efficiencies by supporting 20 HD or 60 SD broadcast transcoding services, as well as 10 HD or 20 SD OTT services encoded in a variety of adaptive bitrate profiles, from a single rack unit. The ProStream 9100 supports a variety of applications such as digital turnaround, any-to-any transcoding, time-shift TV, VOD, picture-in-picture (PIP), and live adaptive streaming to PCs, tablets, smartphones, and OTT set-top boxes.

“Our headend solutions feature an integrated functionality and flexibility to support seamless migration and future expansion,” said Michael Saloman, area sales manager, Germany and Switzerland, at Harmonic. “This functionality, along with our dedicated support team, will be critical to increasing Eutelsat KabelKiosk’s revenue streams as it continues to roll out advanced pay-TV services.”

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