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Eurosport selects Arqiva for Premier League

16 October 2007

Arqiva has today announced the signing of a new contract with Eurosport SA to support the live broadcast of English football’s Premier League matches live and exclusively to viewers in Hungary and Romania.

Eurosport SA specialises in live coverage of international sports events, team sports and sports news and will show Premier League football on the dedicated feed launched this summer in the two countries. Having acquired the Premier League rights for three seasons starting 2007/2008, Eurosport SA will be using Arqiva’s services to deliver top flight English football content to its Television Playout Centre in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France.

To deliver the signal and guarantee excellent quality of service, Arqiva will be providing Eurosport SA with the use of a permanent fibre link from London to the Arqiva teleport in Paris-Boulogne and will then relay the programmes to the Playout Centre via a further dedicated fibre link. Arqiva will also be involved with some of the Occasional Video distribution directly from the Premiership grounds.

“We have an established and trusted relationship with Arqiva, so we knew that the team was able to provide us with a flexible solution that will guarantee the quality coverage of the most popular European football league in Romania and Hungary” said Christophe Foglio, director of broadcast operations.

“We are delighted to be part of this new broadcast service launch with Eurosport and look forward to an ongoing relationship for the seasons to come,” comments Denis Chambon, general manager of Arqiva in France.

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