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European SAN first at Apuntolapospo

28 March 2006

Spanish post house Apuntolapospo is the first facility in Europe to install Autodeskk’s Stone Shared SAN; the centralised storage system provides the entire facility with multi-user collaboration and simultaneous access to uncompressed material in any resolution from a single storage point.

Stone Shared will allow Apuntolapospo to streamline the management of its numerous projects in advertising, television and cinema production. Recent campaigns for the Spanish market include El País, Bollycao Pickers, Estrella Damm, Port Aventura Navidad and Lotus. Apuntolapospo has also worked on HD post production for the series Abuela de Verano for state broadcaster, TVE, and is currently remastering the large-scale production Hombre y la Tierra, directed by the legendary Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, also for TVE.

At Apuntolapospo, eight different workstations can be connected to the SAN to work on the same project at any one time. These can be workstations for colour correcting, online and offline editing, compositing, scanning and rendering with 1.6 GB of sustained transfer. "Stone Shared’s ability to instantly manage products is truly outstanding," says José María Aragonés, technical artist manager of Apuntolapospo. "We had been looking for something like this for a long time. This way of working was a very ambitious project but we’re very satisfied with achieving it and it motivates us to continue working on future projects."

Apuntolapospo is the only post production facility with GRIO (Guaranteed Rate Input Output), a software layer that guarantees accurate sustained transfer of bandwidth among clients (workrooms and disks). This technology has made it possible to eliminate the traditional post production bottlenecks, particularly in the case of advertising which involves short, fast-turnaround productions in which many processes are performed on the same day.

Stone Shared is ideal for this because the client is able to work quickly without having to download the material in the workstation of the room. Everything is available in the SAN virtual storage. Less time is wasted since it’s possible to instantly correct the shots.


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